About The Treetop Candle Co.

I was inspired to make candles after I purchased some wood wick candles on a trip to Canada as a gift for my Daughter, an avid candle fan. They burnt beautifully and the gentle crackle of the wooden wick was a delight filling her home with the beautiful scents.
That was back in 2015, and since then I have been perfecting my candles, ensuring I use the best quality ingredients, I use the best quality Soy wax, and the scents I use are produced specifically for candle use, produced reliably in the UK & France, and I use the best quality wood wicks sized correctly to the size and scent of each candle.
I believe that using the wooden wick produces a truly unique and engaging candle with a modern appeal, an appealing and enticing soft crackling sound, and the candle gives the best scent throw to fill a room with your chosen fragrance.
This is how I can get a really good quality product which burns cleanly, gives a complete melt pool, (so none of that awful tunnelling you see on poor quality candles), and so my candles give a great scent throw into the room and with the clean burning Soy Wax, they last far longer than cheaper Paraffin based candles.
I am continually developing new product ranges which now include Top Quality Reed Diffusers, and Wax melts, and I make many items to order with personalised labels for every occasion.
My aim is to produce the best quality goods with the value going into the product with simple attractive packaging enabling me to keep the cost down for my customers.
All of my candles are made at home in small batches enabling me to ensure the quality is maintained, and I am always happy to tailor my products to an individuals needs